Trick-or-Treat Safety

As kids get ready for next week’s Halloween fun, parents might be worried about the usual trick-or-treating routes. When strange reports of practical jokes gone wrong begin to flare up around Halloween, families might be wary when it comes to their little ones going out after dark. New Braunfels Emergency Room wants to reassure all families about their Halloween safety, by providing some quick and easy tips for how to trick-or-treat safely.

Always Be Supervised

Most children who are trick-or-treating are very young, but no matter the age of your costumed-candy-seeker, one of the safest things they can do is to trick-or-treat with adult supervision. Whether they are going with a parent, a trusted friend’s parent, an older family member, or even a responsible sibling who is over 18, make sure that your kids have trusted supervision on Halloween so that they can stay safe on their trick-or-treating route. It is important for parents also set curfews and agree on a time when children of all ages should be back home.

Flashlights at the Ready

This is an easy safety tip that can be exciting for kids. Going out equipped with a flashlight will not only help your children watch their step on a dark Halloween night, but also help them to been seen by others. When you’re putting together your trick-or-treat group, make sure every kid and supervising adult is equipped with a flashlight to help them see. Also make sure to instruct your children never to flash their lights in someone’s eyes or at the windows of cars.

Porch Light Rules

When trick-or-treating, it is important that every kid knows the common rules and courtesies about whose doors to knock on. Some houses will be celebrating, but some might not, and it can be impolite to knock when a neighbor might be trying to sleep. The best practice to take is to only approach houses who have a porch light on. If you see a house without decorations and without a light, then they are probably not participating in any trick-or-treating this year.

Teach your kids to be thoughtful and think before they knock on a door. While some houses are decorated to look spooky for Halloween, there is a difference between creepy decorations and a house that is actually unsettling. If you or the supervising adult ever feels uneasy about a house that your child wants to approach, make sure your child knows not to run off on their own. Kids should never enter the houses of strangers or take candy from untrustworthy people, even on Halloween.

Stay Visible

The last important tip for safe trick-or-treating is to always stay where you can be seen. It gets darker earlier this time of year, which might make it hard for cars to see any children out in costume. Use flashlights to help you stay visible, but also plan a trick-or-treating route that stays on well-lit streets with working streetlights and active neighborhoods. The more light in the area, the easier it will be for motorists to see you and your children after dark.

New Braunfels Emergency Room knows that Halloween is a time of fun for the whole family, and we wish every member of our community a very festive Halloween. These tips should help your loved ones stay safe, but in the event of any accidents or unexpected illnesses, our staff of board-certified doctors and nurses are ready to help. Our facilities offer 24/7 concierge-level care, even on holidays.

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