Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

The new year has begun, and everyone who has made new resolutions for their personal health are going strong… right? While many of us set goals for the new year centered around getting active or eating better, it can be hard to maintain those new habits throughout the whole year.  To help everyone keep in good health and make all their goals for the year, New Braunfels ER wants to talk about the best ways to care for yourself in 2019, and how that can lead to better overall health.

Many people set New Year’s Resolutions to better themselves. It might be learning how to garden, working out more during the week, or cooking healthier meals. Any kind of goal for yourself can help you to achieve a more successful year and a healthier sense of self. But reaching these resolution goals can be difficult, since they often involve ending old habits and beginning new ones.

Make Your Resolution Achievable

The most successful kinds of New Year Resolutions are those made about things you can directly control. It is important to have control over your resolutions because it gives you the power to succeed. When people make resolutions that they cannot directly control, then it can lead to a sense of being unfulfilled and defeat if that goal isn’t reached, through no fault of their own!

An example of a bad resolution is saying: “This year, good things will happen to me and I will be happier!” The positive outlook is great, but since this resolution doesn’t have a specific goal, it doesn’t give someone anything to work towards. Having some specific that you can work on is a better goal.

Aiming to get better sleep is a goal that many people have and can be very good for your health. This is a resolution that has some control. If you want to get a better sleep schedule going in the new year, you can begin with setting various alarms and reminders for both waking up and going to sleep. Create a new routine for the hour before you go to bed, to wind down all activity, get away from screens, and relax. These are all factors someone can control and try to put into their daily life that can help them achieve their goal of healthier sleep habits.

Keep Up the New Routine

The hardest resolutions to keep are the ones that require making new routines. When you already have one schedule that you keep to, making time for new activities can be difficult, but achievable. If you’re struggling to make time for exercise or can never seem to find enough time to read more before bed, then it might be time to make a new routine. Building your goals into your everyday schedule can make big goals more accessible in small amounts and give you lots of small milestones to celebrate throughout the year.

Start by mapping out your daily schedule. Write everything that you do down, including your work schedule, and try to see how much time each task takes you. Then, think about what your new year resolution is and see where you can fit it into your routines. Maybe you can shift certain habits, like watching Netflix or new TV shows, to the weekend as an end-of-the-week reward and make more room for daily goals throughout the week, like reading, working out, or cleaning.

Forgive Your Mistakes

When starting new yearly goals, sometimes we all mess up. If we vow to eat less dessert, then end up having a piece of cake by February, it might feel like your resolution has gone right out the window. But this doesn’t have to be the case! Making changes is a gradual process, and it is okay if a misstep is made along the way. If you make a mistake in your new routine, then forgive yourself for the mistake. Your chances of success in your new year’s resolutions will be stronger if you allow yourself to make a mistake, then keep moving forward. Sometimes we break our routines when we’re over-stressed at work or have to deal with a family crisis. When moments like these arise, it is okay to mess up, and being able to forgive yourself for your slip-ups is better for your emotional health than beating yourself up for small mistakes.

New Year goals can be hard to maintain, but with some determination and support, everyone can keep to their resolutions throughout the year. Making sure your goals are within your control, adjusting your schedule to support them, and forgiving yourself if you slip up are three ways that you can find success throughout the year. New Braunfels ER is here to encourage you, as well, as we cheer on our whole community during 2019. Share with us your new year goals on social media (Facebook ; Twitter) and see what other resolutions are being made!

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