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As a freestanding emergency room, New Braunfels ER is fully equipped to treat emergencies like heart attacks and strokes, but as a patient, you might be wondering what causes these sudden and sometimes fatal health conditions. Maybe you’ve heard some terms like atherosclerosis or cerebrovascular before, but have no clue what these mean regarding your own heart. Today, we here at New Braunfels ER want to demystify some of these medical conditions and make sure you are well informed about your own heart health.


This intimidating bit of medical terminology is a pretty important term when it comes to discussing heart disease. Most heart diseases are caused because of atherosclerosis, which makes it the leading cause of heart disease deaths as well. Atherosclerosis refers to the condition when the walls of your arteries become thick and stiff due to the buildup of fatty plaque deposits. With arteries being clogged like this, blood flow is restricted.

This condition can often cause more serious heart diseases, so while it is not reported as the primary cause of death from heart disease, it is one of the primary symptoms.

Ischemic Heart Disease

These are the leading causes of heart disease deaths in both men and women, as reported by the World Heart Federation. Ischemic heart diseases refer to various conditions that reduce blood supply to the heart (which is known as ischemia). One of these conditions is angina, which manifests as pain in the chest and is a sign of your heart not getting enough oxygen or blood flow. Angina is not a life threatening Ischemic Heart Disease on its own, but it can lead to more serious conditions, like heart attacks.

As you might guess, one of the biggest causes for Ischemic Heart Disease is atheroschlerosis, since atheroschlerosis blocks the arteries and restricts blood flow.

Cerebrovascular Disease

This is another major heart condition and is the second leading cause of heart disease deaths for men and women. Cerebrovascular means that these are conditions which affect not just the heart, but the brain as well. When atherosclerosis occurs in arteries that bring blood to the brain, meaning that blood flow and oxygen are restricted. This can lead to very serious health conditions, like strokes or blood clots.


These three conditions are the most common found in heart disease patients across the country. While the risk of heart attack or stroke makes them sound very frightening, speaking with your physicians about how to manage your heart health can make it a lot easier to understand. A healthy diet and physical activity can do wonders to help the long term health of your heart.

Emergencies happen, though, and if you find yourself or a loved one in need of emergency heart care, then New Braunfels ER will be here to help. We are fully equipped to treat heart attacks and strokes. In the event of a life-threatening emergency, we always recommend that you call 911.

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