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In honor of National Women Physicians Day, we sat down with the New Braunfels ER Medical Director, Dr. Donna Campbell, to talk about her experiences as a woman in the medical industry. New Braunfels ER is proud to have Dr. Campbell working with our facility and bringing all of her expertise to our community.

Question 1: Tell me a little bit about how you got into medicine. What inspired you to work with emergency care and ERs specifically?

“I always demonstrated the unction to help people when they needed someone.  I first became an R.N. and worked in ICU.  This spawned a deeper desire to become a physician.  Emergency Medicine was the specialty that has allowed me to help people when they need someone in an emergency.”

Question 2: What do you enjoy most about your work with New Braunfels ER?

“In our ER we work as a team to exceed the expectations of those needing urgent or emergency care; working as a team and in a spirit of kindness is most enjoyable.”

Question 3: What is your proudest achievement as a doctor?

“There have been many proud moments as a doctor.  Every emergency that was near death and turned around to life is a moment of excitement and success.”

Question 4: How important do you think it is for women to be in the medical field?

“Women contribute greatly to medicine; bringing kindness with an approach that is personal and unique.  Over the years there have been patient conversations specific for females to females.  Women in the medical field is broad and ranges from research, academics and clinical practice.”

Question 5: Aside from your doctoral skills, are there any other accomplishments that you’re proud of? What are some of your goals with New Braunfels ER that we can look forward to?

“My proudest accomplishment is persevering as a mother.  Children are a gift from God and I am blessed to have them, youngest is 12.  An additional accomplishment is the honor I have, to be the 15th woman to ever be elected to the Texas Senate.  Additionally, I am the chair woman of the Veterans Affairs and Border security for Texas Senate.

“Going forward, our goals at New Braunfels ER is to grow in our community.  We have a great team and welcome the opportunity to help men, women and children experience Emergency Medicine without the inconveniences of a hospital-based ER.”

Dr. Donna Campbell is a board certified emergency room physician, retired ophthalmologist, and proud parent of four daughters. She lives in New Braunfels and represents Senate District 25, a six county district which includes parts of San Antonio and Austin. She serves as the Chairwoman of the Veteran Affairs and Military Installations Committee and sits on the Education, Health and Human Services, Administration, and Intergovernmental Relations Committees.

Senator Campbell completed her Masters of Nursing from Texas Woman’s University as a Cardiovascular Clinical Nurse Specialist. She received her M.D. from Texas Tech University, where she was a member of Alpha Omega Alpha, the honor society for medical schools. She currently works in free-standing emergency rooms across the state, including San Antonio and Austin.

Senator Campbell has been recognized as a Top Courageous Conservative by the Texas Conservative Coalition, a Champion of Free Enterprise by the Texas Association of Business, and a Faith and Family Champion by Texas Values. She has received honors for her legislative accomplishments from the NRA, Texas Alliance for Life, and the Texas Veterans Commission.Senator Campbell has served as the Emergency Department Medical Director for several hospitals. A Texas woman of faith, she has volunteered with Christian Eye Ministries and performed hundreds of eye surgeries in the West African nation of Ghana.

In 2012, she become just the fifteenth woman to ever serve in the Texas Senate. Senator Campbell was born on a naval base and grew up with a great respect for the military and law enforcement. Her public service reflects these values.

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